Introducing the Dynamic Ankle Support Sock for Healthy Movement by PowerStep

Introducing the Dynamic Ankle Support Sock for Healthy Movement

DASS: An Innovative Solution for Ankle Pain, Injuries & Instability

A new and innovative addition to PowerStep’s line of orthotic solutions, the Dynamic Ankle Support Sock (DASS) is an alternative to the traditional ankle brace, providing the same level of support while promoting healthy movement. Ideal for those looking to prevent injury or re-injury and enhance stability, this compression sock and ankle brace in one has the support of a brace and the comfort of a sock.

Person wearing dynamic ankle support sock brace on left foot

Supports Like a Brace. Wears Like a Sock.

Unlike other orthotic ankle braces, DASS has a custom fit feel with targeted compression and supportive yet flexible bracing. Specifically engineered straps mimic the effects of taping or wrapping to help ensure a proper fit while aiding in injury protection and improved stability.

The ankle brace sock’s sleek profile is designed to fit easily inside the user’s shoes without compromising shoe fit or support. Providing pain relief, enhanced stability, and injury protection, DASS can help enable wearers to continue participating in a range of activities from walking to athletic competition.

There are three significant parts of the design that make DASS effective in providing protection, support, and stability control:

Illustration highlighting DASS Compression Sock Base

Compression Sock Base

The sleek compression sock base is soft, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial. Even with the attached brace, its slim fit takes up little room in shoes and slides on like a normal sock, making it easy to take on and off. Graduated compression promotes proper blood flow and helps reduce swelling while the asymmetrical knit around the arch helps lift the arch for gentle support. The design incorporates the sleek fit of taping without the need for an expert to apply it, providing more efficient care.

Illustration highlighting DASS Flexible Ankle Support Cage

Dynamic Ankle Support Cage

The ankle support cage, or brace, provides the support and flexibility needed to allow for safe, natural movement. Perforations within the brace mirror the strength areas of the ligaments in the ankle to encourage healthy movement and proper alignment. Meanwhile, support bars restrict abnormal or unhealthy movement such as overextension.

Great for ankle injuries and sprains, the extra support bars on the medial side provide added protection against inversion sprains as well as eversion. The flexible design is modeled, molded, and shaped to properly match the foot for a soft, comfortable, and anatomically correct fit integrated with the sock.

Illustration highlighting DASS Ankle Stability Straps

Ankle Stability Straps

According to podiatric standards, the two ankle stability straps are specifically positioned to protect against inversion and eversion sprains while helping improve overall ankle stability. The material is flexible enough to wrap around the foot yet resistant enough to dampen forces, providing the perfect blend of flexibility and resistance. The straps also help users manage sock fit and tightness.

The support cage and stability straps provide full coverage and support over the ankle while the compression sock provides the ultimate flexibility and custom fit feel. Each aspect of the DASS design is based on healthy movement and proper alignment that can aid in stability, protection, and comfort.

DASS vs Traditional Ankle Braces

Wears Like a Sock

DASS is unique because it can be worn like a sock in normal footwear and still provides the same amount of support and protection as other ankle braces. Competition ankle braces rarely fit inside shoes and often reduce shoe support while taping the ankle requires expert application, costing the patient or user more in the long run.

Supports Like a Brace.

Traditional ankle wrapping does not provide the support of a brace, and most other braces are too rigid, restricting all movement – even healthy movement. DASS allows for safe, healthy motion while worn and restricts only unwanted movement. Plus, the DASS brace is lightweight and flexible while competitor ankle braces can be bulky or hot.

Improves Stability

Most sprained ankle braces on the market are for inversion sprains only, while DASS can help manage anything from eversion and inversion ankle sprains to chronic instability. The straps on DASS are not made from elastic or gore like competitors but rather a slow recovery material that dampens forces and resists movement on all sides. By anchoring the strap at the heel, DASS covers and helps stabilize the ankle joint, prevents shifting, and directly supports the medial and lateral ligaments.

Comparing DASS Stability Straps vs Regular Elastic Straps

Comparing DASS Stability Strap vs Competition Strap

Consumer Wear Study

In consumer wear trials, participants were instructed to wear the Dynamic Ankle Support Sock for seven days. After this time, they were asked a series of questions about whether DASS alleviated their pain and how it compared to competitors. Overall, about 78% experienced improvement in their ankle pain with the majority finding relief in between one and several days.

Most agreed that DASS was more comfortable than other ankle braces and supports they have tried while others cited it as more effective and premium. The majority of participants gave DASS a positive effectiveness rating for comfort and support. More than a third believed it was extremely effective.

Who Benefits from DASS?

DASS maintains ankle stability to help prevent ankle injuries. From aiding in sports injuries to helping those with issues walking, DASS is an ankle brace for sprains, pain and instability that can help give individuals the confidence and support they need to stay active. Among other applications, DASS is ideal for:

  • Re-injury & injury prevention
  • Past injury support
  • Eversion/inversion ankle sprains
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Active recovery in sports
  • Chronic ankle instability

Other Information About DASS

DASS is an all-in-one compression sock and ankle brace, meaning it does not require any assembly. The sock is a breathable polyester while the TPU cage is molded directly onto the sock. TPU straps feature slow recovery foam and hook and loop attachment. DASS is 100% latex free.

The ankle support sock is designed to fit the left or right foot and is available in 4 sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large. These range from Men’s US shoe sizes 4-14+, and Women’s US shoe sizes 5 – 15+.

DASS also has no limit on wear time. It is machine washable for fresh, everyday and all-day wear. For proper care, fasten the hook end of each strap to the loop portion on the sock before washing on cold with like colors. Use a gentle cycle and do not bleach, iron or dry clean. Air dry only.

The following includes instructions for use:

Directions for how to put on the PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock

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