Your business depends on speed to market and consistency in quality and supply.  Our diverse capabilities and vertically integrated global supply chain help accelerate your commercialization timeline, elevate product quality, and maintain supply continuity.

  • Prototyping

    We have invested in small batch equipment to facilitate sample creation with minimal production interruptions.

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  • Tooling Design & Build

    Our in-house engineering team and machining equipment improve turnaround and reduce costs.

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  • Foam Conversion & Fabrication

    We are proud of our industry-leading experience in foam-based manufacturing.

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  • Splitting, Beveling & Contour Cutting

    Our capabilities extend beyond traditional manufacturing methods.

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  • Cut & Sew

    We have built supply chains for this labor-intensive process domestically and internationally.

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  • Material Lamination & Integration

    We combine materials for our customers' downstream operations.

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  • Turnkey Packaging

    Our investment in packaging equipment provides ready-for-use finished goods.

  • Inventory Programs

    We have over 80,000 square feet of warehouse to support quick-ship and distribution programs.