From the materials we use to the communities we support, we believe the key to nurturing a healthier planet is everyday social responsibility.

Making a Positive Impact

Sustainability is not just a list of objectives to us, but is part of our core business efforts and ingrained in our culture.

At Foundation Wellness, we are dedicated to limiting the adverse effects we have on the planet, including the environment, natural resources, and its people. We strive to positively impact our employees, the economy, and our local communities. Our focus is to promote strong economic, social, and environmental systems while using environmentally conscious manufacturing.

From long-term planning to daily operations, these values are considered in everything we do. As part of our culture, our employees are empowered to uphold these values and encouraged to become active in local events to promote a stronger community.

Our Environmental Policy

To protect our future, we must make the right decisions today. We are committed to taking steps to reduce waste at the source by having practices in place throughout our company.

Below are a few more examples of how we practice sustainability in various departments.

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Research and Development

  • Finding new engineering methods and techniques
  • Evaluating potentially viable environmentally-friendly materials 

Procurement and Vendor Relations

  • Selecting new business partners with similar environmental and social policies
  • Evaluating certifications and reputable associations with environmental and social interest to identify future business partners
  • Ensuring responsible sourcing compliance with new and current vendors

Manufacturing and Operations

  • Modifying production and/or processes to improve efficiency
  • Optimizing energy systems, including lighting and water conservation efforts
  • Implementing reusable solutions instead of one-time use items, where applicable
  • Minimizing waste generation and enabling recycling methods, where available


  • Optimizing packing and shipping methods
  • Using shipping cartons made with recycled materials
  • Reusing shipping materials, where applicable

Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials

From our products to yours, using eco-friendly materials is an important part of our sustainable efforts. We work to meet every customer’s project needs while also offering vendors an array of suitable alternatives and, in some cases, superior materials for characteristics like durability, abrasion control, protection, or comfort.

We can assist with material selection and incorporate a variety of recycled, pre or post-consumer, and/or eco-friendly materials into your project, such as:

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  • Including leather alternatives, cork, and fabrics made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles.


  • Made with an array of recycled content, such as recycled rubber and cork.


  • Made with recycled materials or renewable resources, including compostable and RoHS compliant.
  • BLOOM®

    Clean Water. Clean Air.

    One of our insole products uses BLOOM® memory foam, which harvests algae from our lakes and transforms it into a high performance, earth-friendly cushioning alternative. This helps to restore aquatic habitats and build sustainable ecosystems with:

    • 31.8 liters of water cleaned and restored to the environment
    • 32.9 cubic meters of air cleaned to capture 24.0 grams of carbon dioxide
  • Automated Packaging & Manual Laser Inline

    Using innovative technology to reduce waste.
    Our automated packaging machine systems pack, seal, and label PowerStep insoles as we prep them for distribution. The machines also feature laser marking units that etch sizing information onto our insole packaging, removing the need to use stickers and thus reducing material & paper waste.

  • Renewable Energy Sources

    Powered by the sun.

    Our U.S. based manufacturing facility is located nearby several solar farms, allowing us to power roughly 10% of our manufacturing with solar energy, using renewable resources to minimize carbon emissions.

  • No PFAS

    Doing our part to keep the planet and you safe.

    PFAS are "forever chemicals" that accumulate overtime in the environment and in our bodies, posing health risks. Foundation Wellness uses absolutely no PFAS in production to promote a safer, healthier place to live for us all.

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Company-Wide Sustainability Standards and Awards

Foundation Wellness is committed to leveraging opportunities that mitigate our adverse effects on the environment. As such, we promote our sustainability standards company-wide by incorporating these standards into our culture, as well as facilitating environmental and social awareness training. We carefully monitor and evaluate the effects of our initiatives and adhere to industry-set regulations as standards.

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More Info On Environmental Performance & Social Acountability

For environmental performance, the accepted standards are specified under ISO 14001. Foundation Wellness is certified for ISO 14001:2015, the newest set of standards which establishes the requirements for an environmental management system. Having this certification emphasizes a companies’ commitment to environmental initiatives and demonstrates compliance with current and future regulatory requirements.

For social accountability, the recognized standards are defined under SA 8000.Foundation Wellness International is certified for SA 8000:2014, the newest set of standards for social performance. This certification addresses issues such as child labor, health and safety, discrimination, and remuneration, allowing an organization to demonstrate its’ commitment to human rights and ensure compliance with global social responsibility standards.

For more information about our policies, certifications, and awards, visit our Certifications page.

Supporting a Healthy Life

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