Investing in Your Practice with DASS, by Podiatrist Dr. Alan Bass

Investing in Your Practice with DASS, by Podiatrist Dr. Alan Bass

Alan L. Bass, DPM, CPC

Central Jersey Foot and Ankle Care, PC

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Investing in Your Practice with DASS: Think Differently!

When talking about a return on investment, or ROI, many of you might think about this financially. Instead, think about your investment in time and education which is just as valuable as financial investments. The time you’ve invested in continuing education allows you to bring new treatment modalities into your practice. Despite introducing these new modalities, we have all experienced Medicare and private insurers decreasing reimbursement for our services.

So, how do we receive a return on the investment in our education? If you are still in private practice, better business strategies can prove to patients you are the provider they should be using. Whether it’s a modality to treat pain, investing in electronic health records to boost efficiency, or a device you feel will help patients become pain free, investing in your practice is vital.

A Business Strategy for Patient Growth

When it comes to business strategy, investment in education can help grow your practice. In the past, I have discussed using the new PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock in the treatment of patients with ankle injuries. This device will benefit your current patients, but also those patients who are not currently in your practice but can benefit from what you provide.

When PowerStep introduced DASS, my thought process, as well as yours, goes beyond the patients currently in your practice. If you think about how many different types of patients suffer from ankle injuries, this device will allow you to market new categories of patients you may have never thought of.

There are many different targets you can have when introducing DASS to your practice from local running stores to gyms and personal training studios. Here are some groups of people that I will be looking to educate on the use of DASS:

1. Certified Athletic Trainers with your local high schools. What is the one thing that impacts a team having a successful season? Player injuries. Do local high schools have enough staff to provide care to players who need taping or strapping prior to practice and games? What about those same players who have suffered an injury and want to get back on the field? Many parents of players want their kids back on the field or court as soon as possible. While you may not be able to get to every parent, educating the trainers for the high school teams on what you do, and having a device like DASS, can bring those patients to your office.
2. Physical Therapists. We all send our patients to physical therapists for their expertise in treatment. Why not educate them on what we can provide to get their patients back on their feet? Physical therapists treat patients from all providers. If they know you have something unique, they can guide their patients to come to you for this device. Think about the device not only from a clinical standpoint, but a revenue stream, as well.
3. Local Travel Sports teams. In my area of New Jersey, the local travel teams far outnumber the local high school teams. Like high schools, these teams depend on successful seasons to recruit players and successful teams depend on healthy players. Any number of local travel sports could have patients with injuries that DASS can help. Tell them about it and watch your practice grow.
PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock Brace

More About DASS by PowerStep

The Dynamic Ankle Support Sock promotes healthy movement while supporting weak or injured ankles. This unique bracing device can help prevent injury and increase stability during physical activity by offering targeted compression, enhanced support, and improved alignment.

The sock base offers gradual compression that supports the arch, aligns the ankle, and stabilizes the heel while the flexible ankle support cage retains anatomically correct positioning so patients can enjoy a natural range of motion. Soft ankle stability straps hug the foot and ankle for customized tension and a perfect fit. DASS has a low-profile design that fits easily into most shoes, and it is machine washable for everyday wear.

Using DASS to Grow Your Practice

For those of you who want to increase your presence in your local community, the PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock will allow you to do that. Don’t be hesitant about bringing something new into your practice. Being the first one in your area will set you apart from other podiatrists and make you the “go-to” podiatrist.

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