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Revolutionary Ankle Brace

Supports Like a Brace, Wears Like a Sock™ blue logo

The PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock, or DASS, is an alternative to traditional ankle braces, providing the same support while promoting healthy movement so you can stay active.

PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock next to packaging

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Supports Like a Brace, Wears Like a Sock™

The PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock, or DASS, is an alternative to traditional ankle braces, providing the same support while promoting healthy movement.

PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock

DASS is an innovative solution to traditional ankle braces.

Compression Sock Base: Provides targeted compression & support

1. Compression Sock Base

Provides targeted compression & support

Low-Profile, Lightweight Design: Makes DASS a perfect fit for most shoes

2. Low-Profile, Lightweight Design

Makes DASS a perfect fit for most shoes

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Left and right sock sold separately.
Patent pending.

Ankle Stability Straps: Lock in correct positioning to allow healthy movement

3. Ankle Stability Straps

Lock in correct positioning to allow healthy movement

Ankle Support Cage: Provides support & ligament protection

4. Ankle Support Cage

Provides support & ligament protection

Available in 4 Sizes

Design includes left foot or right foot.

Available in 4 sizes ranging from Men’s US shoe sizes 4-14+, and Women’s US shoe sizes 5-14+:

U.S. Shoe Sizes





5 - 7½


7 - 9½

8 - 10½


10 - 12½

11 - 13½


13 - 14+


Maintain Healthy Movement

Designed to provide compression, support, & stability.

DASS is an innovative solution to ankle pain and instability that can give patients the freedom to stay active. The flexible design provides compression, support, and stability to help protect against ankle sprains, eversion and inversion injuries, and aid in healing by preventing reinjury. Offering the benefits of a custom orthotic brace, DASS is a compression sock and ankle brace in one with a low-profile design that easily fits most shoes without compromising functionality.

Compression sock base: Knit engineered sock base offers mild graduated compression while providing arch support, assistance with proper foot alignment, and heel stability


DASS has a sleek compression sock base designed to offer graduated compression that supports the arch, promotes blood flow, and helps reduce swelling. Its low-profile design fits easily into most shoes without compromising fit or functionality.

Ankle support cage: Soft materials wrap around the foot to allow for dynamic stretch and flexible movement while protecting and supporting ligaments


The ankle support cage helps align the ankle and provides the support and flexibility needed to allow for more safe, natural movement. Patients enjoy a healthy range of motion and anatomically correct positioning while being protected from injuries like inversion or eversion sprains.

Ankle Stability Straps: Soft straps wrap across the ankle to provide stability control and customized tension for the perfect fit.


Soft ankle stability straps hug the foot and ankle for customized tension and a perfect fit. Positioned to prevent injury and improve overall ankle stability, the straps provide the perfect blend of flexibility and resistance on all sides. The design is similar to figure 8 ankle taping without the hassle.

Revolutionary Ankle Brace

Wear tested,* consumer approved.


more comfortable than other ankle braces and supports.


experienced improvement in their ankle pain within 2 days of wearing DASS.


would purchase DASS when available based on wear trial results.


agree DASS is different than what currently exists on the market.

*Wear trial conducted March 2023

What Makes DASS Different?

Because DASS is both a sock and an orthotic ankle brace, it can be worn inside normal shoes while providing the same amount of support and protection. Lightweight and flexible, DASS locks the ankle into place and integrates the effect of taping or wrapping with straps anchored at the ankle, allowing for safe, healthy motion and restricting only unwanted movement.

DASS compared to standard ankle brace

Dynamic Ankle Support Sock

  • Low profile, fits in any shoe
  • Promotes healthy movement
  • Easy on and off
  • Machine washable
  • Breakthrough technology

Conventional Ankle Brace

  • Bulky, changes fit of shoes
  • Limits healthy movement
  • Hassle to put on
  • Not machine washable
  • 50 year old technology

Incorporating DASS into Patient Care

From sports injury recovery to helping those with issues walking, DASS is an ankle brace for sprains, pain, and instability that can help give patients the confidence and support they need to remain active. Easy to put on and take off while fitting inside the patient’s shoe, DASS can be worn during active recovery or post operative care, providing comfortable, reliable support for patients with ankle pain.


  • Chronic Ankle Instability
  • Balance Assist
  • Weak Ankles
  • Sports/Exercise
  • Proprioception Support
  • Taping Supplement


  • Inversion/Eversion Sprains
  • PTTD
  • Post-op
  • Arthritis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Back to Activity

DASS is FSA/HSA compliant and available in both left and right foot designs with four sizes to choose from for men and women.

Man on tennis court, adjusting PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock
Woman wearing PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock around the house
Man going on hike and stepping on log while wearing PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock
Woman doing yoga while wearing the PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock

PowerStep® is clinically effective

PowerStep® DASS features the trusted comfort and support of the #1 podiatrist recommended brand. See how we compare to other brands of ankle support braces.


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Conventional Braces

Targeted Compression & Support


Promotes Healthy Movement

Easy On & Off

Machine Washable

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