Instant Comfort in any Shoe
Instant Comfort in any Shoe

Why Foot Petals®?

Instant Comfort

  • Premium cushioning and shock absorption
  • Slim design ensures proper fit in any shoe
  • Soft materials contour to foot and shoe

Thoughtful Design

  • Silhouettes to address any problem or trouble spot
  • Color and material options for discreet placement
  • Adhesive backing for secure placement

Proven Value

  • Affordable impulse purchases
  • Long-lasting cushioning never goes flat
  • Renew & refresh painful shoes (you know which ones!)
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Awesome product! I had previously tried other similar items but were either too thick, not large enough, it was always something, But Foot Petals were EXACATALY what I was looking for! They are perfect! Thin and just the right size. They fit nicely and my feet are very comfortable all day long. I highly recommend Foot Petals and bought plenty to put in all my shoes. Thanks for making a terrific product!

Rita F.
Gel Ball of Foot


Cannot express the incredible positive difference the extra padding from the Gel Ball of Foot cushion makes. These pads provide immediate comfort with each step. Thank You!

Sally S.
Gel Ball of Foot Extra Cushion


I bought these many times and use them in most shoes. I can’t be without them. My flat-arched feet need this support and without them my feet will ache. Though I usually leave them in the shoes I do take them out to clean them periodically. They stay put unlike other similar ones I’ve tried.

Lurlene C.
Gel Arch Support Cushions


I use various foot petals for different shoes which help keep my feet from sliding. Highly recommend them.

Jackie B.

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