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Relieves & Prevents Pain

Usage Benefits

  • Treats the problem, not just the symptoms
  • Comfortable wear for greater compliance
  • Provides immediate pain relief, no wait time
#1 Podiatrist Recommended Brand

Clinically Proven Relief

PowerStep alleviates common foot conditions by treating pain at the source, improving support and alignment for joints.

PowerStep PULSE
Exploded view of PowerStep PULSE Performance Orthotic Insoles

Dual-layer cushioning

Semi-rigid shell

Clinically proven arch shape

Image of unsupported foot which tends to roll inward. The arch flattens, stretching the tissue while bones misalign. Image of foot with PowerStep which provides foot posture and support to correct bone alignment and prevent pain.

Improved foot function

Better alignment

Full arch support

Max comfort with flexibility

Proudly made in Wadsworth, Ohio
Trusted for over 30 years

PowerStep is our best performing insole line. Our referring medical professionals have a great deal of confidence in the brand, but that is just the starting point.

Customers and patients love the brand because they offer enough firmness to get the job done without sacrificing outstanding "first feel” comfort.

- John Luck, Owner of Lucky Shoes

Prescribing the ProTech orthotics has become the first orthotic that I would prescribe to my patients as an alternative to a custom device. Patients are happy with the results and the GROW program offers a source of revenue to my practice.

- Dr. Alan Bass, DPM

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