About PowerStep Bridge Adaptable Arch Supporting InsolesAbout PowerStep Bridge Adaptable Arch Supporting Insoles

Why Offer PowerStep® bridge® Insoles?

Comfort Meets Support

  • All-in-One Insoles
    Offer a customized fit while providing comfort and support for lasting pain relief
  • Flexible & Adaptable Arch Support
    Adapts to the foot, teaching proper alignment that helps relieve and prevent pain for all arch heights
  • Dual-Layer Cushioning
    Slow-recovery memory foam paired with our innovative PowerStep energize foam™ offers 55% energy return* with every step
  • #1 Podiatrist Recommended Insoles
    Relieve and prevent foot pain, achy feet, Plantar Fasciitis, ankle, knee, hip & back pain during running, walking, working, and other everyday activities with bridge

*Study conducted by a 3rd party research lab, BioMechanica LLC

PowerStep Clinically Proven Alignment

About bridge® Insoles

Introducing PowerStep® bridge® insoles – where the comfort of an insole and the support of an orthotic meet. These innovative insoles were designed with PowerStep’s arch shape and enhanced to allow energize and memory foam comfort to be felt where it’s needed most. Whether running, walking, or working… bridge is pain-relief, simplified. PowerStep bridge insoles are the best insoles for standing all day.

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Adaptable Arch Support

Patent-pending PowerStep Adaptable Arch Support conforms to the foot shape, encouraging proper alignment.

adaptable arch support for all arch heightsadaptable arch support for all arch heights
comfort, support, pain relief

bridge® cushioning


standard stock insoles!

adaptable arch support for all arch heights

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