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Flat Socks

FLAT SOCKS | Snow Leopard Print

FLAT SOCKS | Snow Leopard Print

Small  (up to Women's 11, Men's 10)
Large (up to Women's 13+, Men's 14)


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No Slip
The underside is a super grippy textured foam surface. These things seriously don't budge!

No Stink
FLAT SOCKS create a moisture-wicking barrier that saves your shoes from becoming a stinky swamp!

No Show
While you're out rockin' your FLAT SOCKS, they're your shoe’s best-kept secret!

The Cooler Version of Leopards

We’re taking cool cats and kittens to the next level (sorry, not sorry). If you are obsessed with having everything in Leopard Print but want to stand apart (but not too much), then these Snow Leopard FLAT SOCKS are just what you need. Have some fun and mix these up with regular leopard print items or be a trend setter amongst trend setters and add a Big Cat style to your favorite no-sock shoes with these Snow Leopard Print FLAT SOCKS. Sardine oil not included.

Top Fabric Material:
100% polyester knit micro-pile

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